23 October 2019 19:00 – 24 October 2019 21:30
Location: The New Garage Theatre, Monaghan

Flocking Arts Present Clann Lir - Music - Movement - Myth

Dates: 23 & 24 October

Time: 7pm

All tickets €10

For further information contact:

Tel. 047 39777


A story of love and loss, jealousy, change and freedom.

A family in grief after the death of their beloved mother and wife Aobh, open their hearts and home to her enchanting sister Aoife, but she does not have the same gentle heart, it is a heart filled with burning jealousy. Lir has a love for his four children that is unmatched and Aoife is determined to claim Lir’s love all for herself and with her black heart she cast’s a spell that transforms the children to live as swans for 900 years. Aoife’s terrible act does not go unnoticed and the powerful Goddess Morrigan punishes her to an immortal life of misery. After 900 years as swans the children are finally freed from the spell and their bond stronger than ever. Clann Lir will always epitomise the story of the love and strength of family.

Clann Lir brings to you the absolute ensemble cast to reignite an ancient tale through theatre, movement and music. The performer had the opportunity to be collectively and creatively responsible for the production. Throughout the process, the performer learned how to be the story teller, the character, the instrument and the story itself.